Chief Michael LeBourdias

The definition of insanity is the “Indian Act”…they never change that thing…yet governments and First Nations expect different results when they change a name of a funded program…

Half my life…that’s how long I have been doing Aboriginal business development and governance….10 years a commercial lender and 18 years Chief and Council.

Since 1990 I have been working to manage risk in economic & community development with Aboriginal & Non Aboriginal Businesses as a commercial lender and for Bands and our entrepreneurs in small business.

The last twenty years have been spent developing governance models and business models for First Nations Communities and individuals as well as establishing the Tulo Centre for Indigenous Economics to equip First Nations to benefit from their lands…I have worked with First Nations here in Canada, the USA and New Zealand in variety of areas: independent risk assessment, negotiations, jurisdiction, revenue sharing, taxation, business development, micro business, partnerships, Wildland Firefighting, commercial transport, Forestry, Bio-energy, mining, hydro, run of the river, pipelines, National Energy Board, Environmental Assessment and CEAA.

The proposed Aboriginal Resource Taxation and Mutual Benefit Agreements that enhance First Nations jurisdiction, while respecting enviromental, cultural and heritage values, are the new tools for FN and Companies looking to do business together.