Donna Trimble

Donna Trimble is Executive Director for Parents for Choice in Education(PCE), an Alberta-based, non-profit advocacy organization.

PCE aims to equip citizens with a stronger understanding of the importance of genuine education choice, how it is impacted by changes to resources, curriculum, funding, legislation and policies, and ways in which citizens can take effective action.

All three of Donna’s children have, at one time or another, attended public, Catholic and online schools, as well as home educated, providing Donna with a deep understanding of the benefits of education choice in meeting the unique needs of each child and maximizing student success.

Prior to coming home to educate and care for her children, Donna worked in community inclusion and employment support for adults living with disabilities. She graduated on the President’s Honor Roll with a Rehabilitation Diploma from Mount Royal College.

It is the mandate of PCE and Donna Trimble’s personal commitment, to stand alongside parents and their children to advocate for an excellent, quality-oriented, choice-driven education system that recognizes parental authority. Donna and her family live in Calgary, Alberta.