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General Rick Hillier

Rick Hillier’s passion, leadership and outspoken nature have captured the hearts and minds of Canadians across the country. A man who takes pride in his country, his team and the significance of his mission, General Hillier is one of Canada’s most celebrated leaders. Hillier tells it like it is – with confidence and a straight-talking manner. As Chief of the Defence Staff, Canada’s highest ranking position in the Canadian Forces, he oversaw our country’s most important mission in Afghanistan.

Since retiring from that role in the military, he’s become more active in business and community programs, as organizations see the value in learning from and engaging with such a strong leader, motivator and team builder as Rick Hillier. Considered one of Canada’s most charismatic and influential soldiers, General Rick Hillier will challenge convention and inspire pride in being Canadian, all while sharing his trademark Newfoundland charm and humour.