Canadian Optimists: Poilievre’s Positive Message


The Conservative Party of Canada has a new Leader. Over his long political career, Pierre Poilievre has earned a reputation as a tough fighter, an “attack dog”, a fierce debater, and much more. His opponents have framed him as “angry”, “negative”, and worse.

In this session, we’re going to talk about why Poilievre’s leadership represents such a positive message of optimism, and how the so-called “angry” Conservative leader is probably our Country’s best hope for a positive outlook that we can be excited about.

Joining Chris Spoke, Matt Spoke and Jamil Jivani for this edition of the Canadian Optimists are Ginny Roth and Michael Wilson.

Ginny Roth is the National Practice Lead for Government Relations at Crestview Strategy and a long-time conservative activist. She served as Director of Communications for Pierre Poilievre’s successful Leadership Campaign. She is also a regular contributor to the National Post and The Hub and appears frequently on Canadian television and radio as a political pundit. Michael Wilson is a litigation partner at Goodmans LLP.  Previously, Michael was Chief of Staff to the Attorney General of Ontario. During Pierre Poilievre’s Leadership Campaign, he served as a senior advisor focused on national field organization and is continuing to assist the Leader and the Party as they prepare for the next election.

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