Getting to a Fear Free Covid Recovery


Canadians have lost their freedoms through government enforced restrictions and lockdowns that remove our rights and personal responsibilities.

The recommendations from Medical Officers of Health and ad-hoc medical expert committees have failed to protect our vulnerable, created immense medical and economic collateral damage, and instilled crippling public fear.

Listen in for a wide-ranging discussion that will challenge the metrics and assumptions that led to a lockdown response; review real world impacts and update the evidence presented in legal challenges federally and in the provinces.

No “Recovery Plan” can take place until we take the first step: moving from fear to confidence.

Panelists: Dr. Ari Joffe, Lisa Bildy, David Redman, Danielle Smith, Jocelyn Bamford Michael Binnion
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Click below to download the “Getting to a Fear Free Covid-19 Recovery by Dr. Ari Joffe & Lieutenant Colonel David Redman” Presentation from this event.