What Can We Do About Political Discrimination?


Canadians are increasingly concerned about political discrimination.

The College of Psychologists of Ontario has put political discrimination in the spotlight by targeting Dr. Jordan Peterson. The CPO’s attack is based, in part, on Peterson making critical comments about Justin Trudeau.

But we shouldn’t feel hopeless. There are steps we can take to push back on political discrimination.

One clear example of how we can take action is sitting before the Senate of Canada right now. It’s a bill put forward by Senator Salma Ataullahjan to add “political belief or activity” to the Canadian Human Rights Act as a prohibited ground of discrimination.

The bill before the Senate is identical to a private member’s bill put forward by MP Garnett Genuis last year.

On February 1, please join MP Genuis, employment lawyer Kathryn Marshall and CSFN president Jamil Jivani to discuss how we can better protect workers and all citizens from political discrimination.

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