July 1, 2020

Manning Centre for Building Democracy changes name to Canada Strong and Free Network

CALGARY: The Manning Centre for Building Democracy has changed its name to the Canada Strong and Free Network effective July 1, 2020.

The name change comes at the request of founder and namesake Preston Manning who is retiring this year.

As I have argued in my recent book, Do Something,” said Mr. Manning, “I believe that greater and more explicit networking and relationship building among the various components of the conservative movement in Canada are essential to its future political success. I consequently requested that the Centre make this its exclusive focus going forward and change its name to better reflect this focus.”

“I’m very glad” he added, “that the new board and management are ‘doing something’ to honor this request and am very supportive of the new name, The Canada Strong and Free Network.”

The Manning Centre for Building Democracy was founded in 2005 to strengthen democracy in Canada in accordance with conservative values and principles. Its current staff and board of directors remain committed to its original mission statement “To strengthen Canada’s conservative movement by nurturing, supporting, and facilitating exchanges and stronger relationships amongst the movement’s various components.”

The Manning Networking Conference held each year in Ottawa will be now be rebranded “The Canada Strong and Free Networking Conference” starting in 2021. All regional conferences, related activities and social media will also fall under the revised branding.


For more information contact:
Troy Lanigan 250-888-5040


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