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Brian Dijkema

Brian Dijkema is the Vice President of External Affairs with Cardus and an editor of Comment. Prior to joining Cardus, Brian worked for almost a decade in labour relations in Canada. He has also done work on international human rights, with a focus on labour and economic rights in Latin America and China.

Brian leads efforts to inform and educate policy-makers about the work and research that Cardus conducts. He also regularly contributes commentary, analysis, and insight to media in Canada, the United States, and abroad. His bylines can be found in major policy journals and newspapers across the continent.

Brian’s primary research interests at Cardus are the institutional and policy relationships among government, civil society, and the markets. He has a particular interest in exploring how a diverse civil society contributes to a vital and thriving market economy and stable government.

Brian is married to Nicole. They have four children and live in Hamilton, Ontario.