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Brian Jean

Brian is a father, a grandfather, and a husband. He is a proud Albertan and a huge defender of our energy industry and his home town of Fort McMurray.

Brian is the youngest of eleven.  Brian grew up doing the sorts of things that boys do in rural Alberta and he became an accomplished outdoorsman, hunter, and athlete.

Brian has a law degree and an MBA and went on to practice law for a decade as one of the busiest litigators in northern Alberta.

In 2004, Brian ran for office for the first time and became the Member of Parliament for Fort McMurray Athabasca. He was the Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister of Transportation which is the most complicated and technical department in the federal government. Brian served in that capacity for four different Transportation ministers. 

 In 2014 Brian retired from federal politics to spend more time with his family. It was his son’s illness and death at the hands of our broken health system that motivated Brian to get back into politics.  Brian became the leader of Wildrose. Wildrose was supposed to be dead, but with only about a week to prepare between becoming leader and Premier Prentice calling the election, Brian led Wildrose to its best result ever.  

In 2017 he and Jason Kenney signed the deal that created the United Conservative Party.  And you likely know the rest.