Christy Clark

Christy Clark led Canada’s third-largest province for over six years. Throughout her tenure, Clark demonstrated the strongest performance of any Canadian Premier for economic growth, fiscal management, and job creation.

When she left office, British Columbia had been Canada’s economic leader for three years running–the first time that has happened since the 1960s. BC went from being 9th in job creation to 1stamong provinces. And, after inheriting a deficit of $1.2B, Clark’s government went on to balance5 consecutive budgets. BC was also the only Canadian province with a AAA credit rating.  

Clark retired from political life in 2017 as the longest-serving female Premier in Canadian history and the only woman Premier in Canada ever to be re-elected.

 Today she is a Senior Advisor at Bennett Jones LLP. She chairs the Board for Roots of Empathy and co-chairs the Advisory Board for the Max Bell School of Public Policy at McGill University. In addition, she serves as a Director on a number of corporate boards. In November 2018, the women’s Executive Network (WXN) recognized her as one of Canada’s Top 100 Most PowerfulWomen. She has also been inducted into the WXN Hall of Fame.