David Yager

Oil and Gas Writer, Author, Energy Policy Analyst, Oil Service Executive

David Yager has worked in the upstream oil and gas industry for over 50 years in multiple capacities.

In business he started in the oilfields and was the founder, executive officer, and director of three successful oil service companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. He is currently President and CEO of Winterhawk Casing Expansion which is commercializing a new technology for reducing fugitive methane emissions from oil and gas wellbores.

As a writer and commentator, he was the owner and editor of an oilfield trade magazine from 1979 to 1992. For 43 years he has written for multiple media outlets with regular appearances on radio television. His book – From Miracle to Menace – Alberta, A Carbon Story – in 2019. It is a major study on Alberta, fossil fuels, climate change, and the future of the industry. He writes regular commentary for multiple media outlets.

For energy policy and advocacy, he was Chairman of the Petroleum Services Association of Canada in 2009/2010, has written policy positions for multiple industry trade associations since 1990. He has interacted with multiple governments at multiple levels on various aspects of energy policy. He presented at the CD Howe Institute in Toronto in June of 2022 on the likelihood of achieving the oil industry emission caps introduced by the current federal government.