Dr. Orlando CSFN Headshot

Dr. Orlando Gutierrez Boronat

Born in Havana, Cuba, in 1965, Dr. Orlando GutiérrezBoronat holds a Ph.D. in the Philosophy of International Studies from the University of Miami and graduate and undergraduate degrees from
Florida International University. He has been a lecturer on political theory at Georgetown
University’s Global Leadership Program and a professor of history and political science at
institutions of higher learning for the past 20 years. He has published five books, and his articles have
appeared in prominent publications around the globe. As co-founder and spokesperson of the
Cuban Democratic Directorate (Directorio) and Coordinator of the Assembly of the Cuban
Resistance, he has spoken around the world on Cuba’s struggle for human rights and democracy.
Based on this defence of individual rights and liberties, which has always centered around nonviolence, the Communist Regime in Havana has nevertheless indicted him and is believed to be
actively petitioning foreign countries for his extradition to Cuba.