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Hon. Tony Clement

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The Honourable Tony Clement is a Senior Advisor at Wellington Dupont and former Cabinet Minister in the Stephen Harper Government federally, and the Mike Harris and Ernie Eves Governments in the Province of Ontario.

During his time in the House of Commons, Mr. Clement served as Minister of Health, Minister of Industry, and President of the Treasury Board playing a lead role in getting Canada’s economy back on track after the most 2008 economic crisis.

Clement’s strong Canadian-US connections is utilized through this position as Senior Advisor to Wellington Dupont Public Affairs and Advisory Board Member to major aerospace manufacturer, Arnprior Aerospace (AAI). Clement provides AAI with expertise and insight, identifying opportunities post COVID-19 for this aerospace manufacturer.

As a business entrepreneur Tony Clement leads startup companies, such dgMarket, one of the largest online electronic marketplaces for government procurement information, where Clement is positioned as the Chief Corporate Development Officer. Furthering his involvement in the technology industry and providing strategic advice both nationally and internationally, Tony is a Chairman for Magnifi videoconferencing and business solutions, using a browser-based end-to-end encryption. Tony is also an Advisor for ThinkData Works, a data company that collects, validates and processes data into a central repository for researchers, businesses and governments.

More recently Tony Clement has become the Director for a global health organization, Maitri Health. As the former Canadian Health Minister, Tony offers expert insight to help advise Maitri with their vision to enhance healthcare through innovation in producing quality personal protection equipment (PPE), and onshore manufacturing and supply chain operation in the Canadian economy.