Jennifer Elle

Jennifer “Elle” Laewetz

Jennifer Laewetz is a proud member of George Gordon First Nation in Saskatchewan. She is a seasoned professional in policy and government relations and is based in Northern Saskatchewan. Jennifer earned her undergraduate degree in Political Studies from the University of Saskatchewan, enhancing her expertise with a proficiency in Indigenous Governance and Politics. After completing her undergrad, she then enrolled in Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, furthering her academic pursuits.

With a diverse background spanning the private sector and political sphere, Jennifer previously served as a political staffer to a Conservative Member of Parliament in Saskatchewan for six years. During this time, she gained invaluable insights into Canada’s parliamentary system. Transitioning back to the private sector, she now contributes her expertise to Warshield, an Indigenous consulting and government relations firm. Here, her blend of governmental insight and Indigenous perspective proves invaluable in navigating complex issues for both First Nations and the private sector. Jennifer leverages social media as a powerful tool for advocacy, cultivating a significant presence on platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok. Through these channels, she champions discussions on politics, advocating fiercely for self-determination and the right to exist politically however you see fit. Her impactful voice has resonated across various mediums, including national news, published opinion pieces, television appearances, radio interviews, and public speaking engagements. Jennifer’s unwavering dedication has created a proven track record of authentic engagement.