Mark Milke

Mark Milke, Ph.D., is a public policy analyst, keynote speaker, author, and columnist with six books and dozens of studies published across Canada and internationally in the last two decades. His newest book, The Victim Cult: How the culture of blame hurts everyone and wrecks civilization, is an Amazon bestseller. In 2019 he was the lead architect of the United Conservative Party election platform and principal policy advisor to UCP leader Jason Kenney. A regular columnist, his commentaries have appeared in the Globe and MailNational Post, and Maclean’s. He is currently the Executive Director-Research for the Canadian Energy Centre 

Mark is also president of the Sir Winston Churchill Society of Calgary and a past-president of Civitas. Born and raised in Kelowna, British Columbia, Mark lives in Calgary and is an active hiker, skier, and runner with an interest in architecture, photography, cities, and history. His website is