Mike Nickel

Mike Nickel is a current City Councillor in Edmonton, and he is committed to a more open, transparent, and accountable civic government. He has advocated for a results-based government approach by introducing metrics, targets, and outcomes to all city programs and projects. In Ward 11, since his return to Council in 2013, Mike has resolved over 3,000 constituency files – always focusing on his constituents first.

Previously, Mike was the President of Artisan Stone Furnishings. An import and export stone furniture manufacturing company which is a world leader in ready-to-assemble lightweight stone furniture as well as ultra-thin veneer stone technologies.

Mike continues to assist in the operation of the Nickel Group with his father Helmut Nickel and brother Richard Nickel. Mike has owned and operated several family businesses in the stone and construction fields.  Mike Nickel has also sat on several boards, raised over $1 million for charitable causes, and championed initiatives including but not limited to the University of Alberta’s Board of Governors, Edmonton Northlands, Fortress Insurance, Front Yards in Bloom, Huron Gala in support of the Edmonton Food Bank, and the Amazing Halloween Maze in support of YESS.

Mike first won a seat on Council back in 2004 and was regarded as an advocate for strong value for citizens’ tax dollars. Since his return to council in 2013 and re-election 2017, Mike has continued to advocate for value for citizens’ tax dollars and administrative accountability.

Mike holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science as well as a Master’s degree in Statistics and Media Studies from the University of Alberta where he also held the position of Student Union President from 1985 to 1986.