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Renze Nauta

Renze Nauta, Program Director for Work and Economics, comes to Cardus from the federal political sphere. He was the policy director to two Leaders of the Opposition and held various roles in the Prime Minister’s Office. He understands government and public policy, having made significant contributions to two electoral party platforms. Holding degrees in philosophy and economics, he is keenly interested in understanding how economic policy, social policy, ethics, philosophy, and religion come together for the common good. He has also worked in a small business, which has given him a greater appreciation of the real-world effects of government policy.

Originally from Edmonton, Renze now lives in Ottawa where he and his wife Rebecca are raising their son. He and Rebecca are active in the parish where they met and were married. He serves on the board of directors of Maryvale Academy, an independent Catholic school in Ottawa. When not working at Cardus, Renze can often be found listening to music while cooking a meal, helping Rebecca with DIY projects around their home, or taking his son on a bike ride along the Ottawa River.