The Right Honourable Stephen J. Harper

For nearly a decade The Right Honourable Stephen J. Harper led Canada through the world’s most complex geopolitical, economic and security challenges as the country’s 22nd Prime Minister. He created the modern Conservative Party of Canada, won three successive national elections, and was the longest serving Conservative Prime Minister since Canada’s founding Prime Minister in 1891.

Since leaving office in 2016, Mr. Harper founded and is Chairman and CEO of Harper & Associates, a global strategic advisory firm. He is also the recent author of “Right Here, Right Now: Politics and Leadership in the Age of Disruption”, and a frequent speaker on geopolitical trends, populism, and business. Mr. Harper also Chairs the International Democrat Union, the global alliance of conservative political parties, and the Friends of Israel Initiative, a global association of former high-office holders who defend Israel’s right to self- determination, security and democracy.